Causes Symptoms & Treatment of Sural Nerve

By | February 14, 2022

Causes Symptoms & Treatment of Sural Nerve

The sural nerve provides sensation in the foot & its binding can lead to pain in the foot area. It is often called sural neuritis or sural neuralgia.

It is one of the five nerves that run down the middle of the calf muscle. Its direction passes behind the leg, running over the Achilles’ tendon and ending with a small toe.
Compared to other nerves, the sural nerve is one of the smallest, as it provides sensation without foot, in areas between the 4th and 5th toes.

Causes of Sural

Common causes of sural neuritis include –

  • Ankle surgery.
  • Repeated pressure on the feet.
  • Emotional stress due to tight shoes.
  • Emotional penetration into familiar muscles

Although anyone may suffer from these problems, sometimes it has to do with surgery on the foot area. Nervous pain after ankle surgery is common in most patients.

If the cause is not surgery, the problem is something athletes can suffer from.

Also, because the sensor is located under the skin, it is at risk of compression. Sturdy shoes often compress the Achilles’ tendon.

Another cause of sural neuritis is closure. This is worse than the pressure of the shoe in the vein. For example, this type of pain is very easy to relieve.

The red tissue involved is usually the result of surgery in that region of the foot, so sural neuritis can be a serious side effect of surgery.

There are a few surgical interventions that can cause this type of nerve pain.

In this case, the most common are:

  • Ankle fracture surgery,
  • Fifth metatarsal surgery,
  • Flatfoot Surgery,
  • Achilles tendon-related surgery.

This pain comes with additional symptoms. For example, you may feel numb or itchy at the foot.

This will not affect the way you walk, but it can cause a lot of discomfort.

However, you should be careful as these symptoms may appear over time, and you may end up with neuritis. Be careful when you feel this type of pain, as most people associate it with the normal pain of being on your feet too much.

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Diagnosis for Sural

Since this is a form of irritability, somewhere and small, it is not so difficult to diagnose this health problem.

That being said, a definitive diagnosis of neuritis has not yet been identified. Therefore, your doctor may need to take part in a program to eliminate symptoms.

This means that the doctor will rule out other causes until he or she diagnoses the problem. In addition, the location of the nerve makes it possible for the disease to be confused with Achilles tendon problems.

Many health professionals say that neuritis may be confused with Achilles tendinitis. On the other hand, this has more to do with ankle sprains or bumps and not emotional issues.tendinitis. On the other hand, this has more to do with ankle pronation or supination and not emotional problems.

So, fortunately, there are physical symptoms that a doctor can detect and relieve.

Tinel test

This requires hitting the artery area, the ankle. In the event that percussion causes convulsions, pins and electrical shock, a good diagnosis, which is a symptom of neuritis.

Other technical steps include radiography. After performing radiography, you have removed the bone marrow from the area.

Radiography may take the symptoms of arthritis or other serious and very serious illnesses. You can also get magnetic resonance imaging tests, too.
These tests are used to rule out potential problems with the soft tissues in the area.

Nerve blocks

Finally, your doctor may consider using a local diagnostic tool. The nerve block does just what its name implies, blocking the sensation of pain and discomfort in the brain.

When the nerve is paralyzed, there is only the remaining pain that should be checked. If in the end the pain is finally gone by putting the sural nerve to sleep, then obviously, you may be suffering from neuritis.

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Treatment of Sural

In cases where self-care measures or medications do not work, treatment for sural nerve pain is surgery.

The sural nerve will react to cold temperatures, which is why placing ice on the affected area can only do good.

Before taking any measure, make sure your shoes are not the cause of the problem. If your shoes are squeezing the Achilles’ tendon, it’s time to change your shoes.

You can also start using an anti-inflammatory such as ibuprofen. Not only will it reduce pain, but it will also reduce inflammation. These actions will relieve stress on your sural nerve.

In the event that your doctor prescribes steroid injections, you may want to use it. This will relieve inflammation and stress on the nerve.

Before we start discussing what a sural nerve entrapment is, we need to go back a bit, and remember what a sural nerve is. In fact, we will not repeat it but add new information about sural sensation and how important it is to the body.

Also called the short saphenous nerve, the sural nerve is located in the lower leg, near the short saphenous vein.

This nerve is often used for biopsies and nerve grafts. The sural sensor transmits sensory information from the lower extremity and the outer foot.

If the nerve is damaged, treatment may be the removal of a nerve, which can cause numbness in the ankle. However, nearby nerves will grow to compensate.

As a guide, the doctor will use a saphenous vein to guide him, and then remove a small portion of the nerve.

As mentioned earlier, the sural nerve is the peripheral nerve. Therefore, it is used to communicate with the brain and spinal cord. Sural nerve injury is, in fact, a subclass of peripheral neuropathy.

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Neurons and their variants

Also known as nerve cells, neurons are divided into 3 main categories: nerves, motor, and interneurons.

Sensory neurons are responsible for capturing sensory signals and transporting them to the spinal cord and brain.

Engines take commands from the brain and spinal cord to the muscles and glands, telling them what to do.

All neurons are made up of three parts of a structure: cellular bodies, axons, and dendrites.

In the cell body, there is a nucleus and a metabolic center of neurons. The axon carries the signals from the cell body while the dendrites are the short projections that carry the signals into the cell.

Peripheral neuropathy and its variants

There are several types of neuropathy:

  • Mono-neuropathy.
  • Multi-focal neuropathy
  • Polyneuropathy. [09]

The term is self-explanatory: the first type is caused by the dysfunction of one nerve and the other by the dysfunction of several nerves.

Medical experts have agreed that the sural nerve is somehow involved in peripheral neuropathy, also known as polyneuropathy.

Isolated sural neuropathy is a very rare condition.

One “Muscle and Nerve” study states that trauma is the most common cause of sural nerve neuropathy. However, let’s talk about nerve endings.

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Nerve infiltration

Too often, athletes complain of leg problems. They also talk about pain. Often, these problems are caused by obstruction of the sural nerve or other peripheral nerves.

Obviously, we all know that leg pain can be caused by exercise or strenuous physical activity, but sometimes these problems can be something else, such as emotional cramps.

Once a doctor has diagnosed musculoskeletal, vascular or compartment syndrome problems, the only symptoms are usually nerve entrapment.

Non-neuronal causes of sural nerve pain

There are a few non-neuronal causes of sural nerve pain and they are as follows:

Muscle stiffness

You may think that the muscles do not hurt by being stretched too much, but they can.

The most frequently injured muscle due to overuse is the tibialis anterior. Symptoms of muscle spasms are swelling and inflammation.

This is why sometimes nerve pain can be confused with muscle pain and you may think you have a neurological problem when, in fact, it is a muscle problem.


This is a condition in which small tears in the tendon cause inflammation of the surrounding tissues.

The pain of tendonopathy is also similar to the pain of the sural nerve, so it is necessary not to confuse the two pains.

Chronic exertional compartment syndrome

This is a condition of excessive exercise that is the result of fascia surrounding the muscles. It shows symptoms during training and 15 minutes after training.

The pains are similar to those of nerve pain: needles and congestion in the lower leg. Diagnosis of this issue can be confirmed using a post-exercise stress test.

Nerve entrapment syndromes

Emotional entry occurs when mechanical irritation occurs. Mechanical irritation refers to the fact that the nerve is damaged in the anatomical area at risk.

In many cases, nerve implants such as compartment syndrome, tendonopathy and arterial entrapment. This problem may involve a combination of nerves.

Saphenous nerve entrapment

This can happen when conditions such as bursitis, MCL injury, and direct trauma occur. In addition, this damage can occur during surgery such as muscle grafting to deal with ACL reconstruction, or varicose vein surgery.

Sural nerve entrapment

When it comes to physical exertion, this is a very common cause of pain. However, it is still possible. Compression caused by ulcers, red tissue, thrombophlebitis, ganglia and surgical injuries may lead to occlusion of the sural nerve.

The symptoms are very similar, if not different, to those related to Achilles Tendonopathy.

The nerve will be damaged and swollen and in most cases, the pain is accompanied by a specific hernia of a small muscle. Another symptom of this condition is numbness after exercise.

How to deal with sural nerve pain today?

Feelings in our bodies “have their own ways of making us feel bad”. As an integral part of our anatomy, emotions are responsible for how we are around the world and how we live in this world.

This pain can be very distressing, let alone painful. For some, it is a painful experience to live with. That is why they need to go to the doctor to see what the problem is and how to deal with it.

In general, medical professionals prefer to deal with sural nerve pain through conservative measures.

It is not uncommon for a person to require surgical treatment in such a case. In most cases, sural nerve pain can only be treated with ice and anti-inflammatory drugs.

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