How to Find a Music Video by Describing it

By | August 27, 2021

How to Find a Music Video by Describing it

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There are some tricks on how to find a music video by explaining it if you can’t remember the title of the music video and the artist’s name. It is quite normal to forget things. None of us have good memories. Besides, one can listen to more than 10,000 tracks in his life.

As a result, we all have the same problem finding a particular song or music video. It could be a music video that you watched in your childhood and vividly recalled the song music or a few sentences or a few words from the songs. Or you may remember a model who imitated a music video.

There are popular tools like Shazam that identify the song by listening to it. But the app only works if you have a song recording. So, without knowing the title of the song, the artist’s name, and the sound of the song, it becomes difficult to find a music video.

In this article, I will discuss how you can find a music video by explaining it to get back to your good memories again.

How to Find a Music Video by Describing it

                                                              How to Find a Music Video by Describing it

Start by Identifying What You Know

Write down all the information you can remember about the music video you want to find. What’s the artist’s name? Do you remember any verse from the verse or chorus of a song? Do you know the type of music video? In what year was the music video released? Who played in the music video?

If you know any of these information, it will narrow down the search list and give you a higher chance of finding a music video online.

See Basic Search

Type a sentence or other words from words in global search engines like Google and hit the search button. If the songs are right, Google will show you the most relevant results. There could be a million consequences. Scroll to the first two pages. Don’t be upset if you don’t see anything. After that you have to work to reduce the search.

Search by keywords

Keywords can narrow down your search results. Enter keywords in your search bar. Examples of keywords are 80 rock song, Electric’s Music 2000, Damien Rice love song, classic music, latest rap music, even top sad rock songs, top sad rap songs… etc. Searching for additional music genres, year releases can yield relevant results.

Search on YouTube

YouTube is another fast way to find a music video. We do not mean just tap on the search bar by clicking “YouTube search.”

This may be your story, but you can simplify and narrow down your YouTube search so that advanced search providers can provide relevant results.

Operators provide the date, type, length, and loading functions. If you want to see exactly the terms of search results, at the beginning and end of a keyword, add quotes (“) to it.

To filter your search results for more accurate results, you can also press the “Filter” button. Just enter a search bar keyword and press a filter button. You can now click on the filter to find what you are looking for.

Filters such as “Features” and “Length” proved to be very useful for finding lost YouTube videos!

Google Advanced Search

As with YouTube, you can clarify by using filters in Google search. Google Advanced Search helps you find the results you want faster.

With Google’s advanced search, you can type words, select regions, last time, exact keyword, and key numbers. This helps to provide accurate information.

Use the song recognition app

Song ID apps are designed to help users identify their favorite tracks and music videos, as their names suggest.

Unlike many search engines and apps, song recognition apps like Shazam can help you find your favorite song by clicking on the microphone. Shazam uses a fingerprint audio based on a frequency graph called a spectrogram. Turn off the microphone from the app and hum for at least 10-15 seconds, then wait for the same time for the results to appear based on the spectrogram. Depending on your favorite music and song lyrics, the app will suggest a title, artist and song album if it finds a match.

In the same way, you can use Google Assistant to find your song. and praise the song. When the search engine identifies your voice, it will show you the page you are looking for.

Once you’ve identified a song, finding a music video is just one search.

Search Up The Artist’s Discography

Sometimes we miss the artist but not the song. In this case, search for artist discography by song. View artist playlists in major library applications such as Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer.

If you remember the cast and actors made in the music video, search for their individual names and look at their job profiles. This research can lead to your desired music video.

Ask the Songwriting Community

Try out a song to name communities like Facebook, Reddit, and expert pages like Wat Zat Song and ask them about the music video. Ask them to explain the music video as clearly and concisely as possible. If members of the public can’t identify your music video, they can help you with advanced programs to find your song.

Complete the Continuation of How to Find a Music Video By Defining It
If all else fails, try this exercise. Music is part of our social network. Many of the songs have been introduced to us by our family members, friends, close friends and loved ones. Share with them to discover music video.

That wraps up the tricks of how to get a music video by explaining it. By following these simple steps, you can find any music video by explaining it.

Let us know in the comments section if you know other ways to get a music video by explaining it.

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