How to stream on Discord Complete Guide

By | August 23, 2021

How to stream on Discord Complete Guide

Have you ever tried to share the Discord and Go Live screen on your mobile phone and computer?

As before, up to 10 users could have video chatted in the past but now the conflict has made things easier by allowing up to 50 users


Only with Go live feature, where you can now share the screen on Discord?
Discord is a widely used platform and not only allows video calls but you can also share your screen while on a video call.

Stick to this guide, if you are wondering How do I stream my screen to Discord?

How to stream on discord server

So here’s what you need to do to follow these simple steps to share your screen

  1. Join A Channel
  2. After joining you will see the Go Live button on the voice status panel
  3. A panel will appear and you can select any application window to share.
  4. And with the app option, you can share your entire screen and you can do the same by clicking the screen option
  5. After you have decided which screen to share when you are ready to press the Go Live button and start sharing
  6. Additionally, if you want to change the shared screen you can change it directly while streaming with the Go Go panel.

You can use this Go Live screen sharing feature only on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

if you are considering using it on your mobile phone do not because it is not available there.

Go to live permissions – How to live stream on discord ?

So the good news is that if you own a server and have full control over Go Live permissions,

Giving access to certain members of the streaming server.

Here’s how to do it right

  1. Go to the server settings in Discord and return to the Roles tab to get some permission from the server
  2. Now scroll down to the permit list and allow voice permission to enable Go Live

Discord Screen Share Go Live Pop Out

The Pop-Out feature will allow you to open your stream in a separate window.

If you want your Pop Up window above all other windows just click on the Live Up option

To undo this, use Remove from Options.
So that’s it and now you can go and enjoy your Go Go Live feature and comment if it works for you.
I have some very useful articles if your Discord runs into trouble.

Among us there is a hot game right now, especially in the Twitch world. Most of its leading components include players competing for whodunnit. As a viewer, it can be difficult to know who is speaking, because you usually see only the streamer.

While looking at Pokimane’s broadcast, I saw that he had some solution to the problem. How did he get his voice chat bubbles to appear on the screen? Follow this guide and you can have this feature in your stream too!

  1. Head to It gives you the options to install it within OBS or XSplit, but in reality nothing will be installed, as it just spit on the browser source. Problems, you can use it in any streaming software you use.
  2.  Click on the Voice Widget tab. From here, you can map out the widget to Discord voice channel and change its presentation settings. This will not work for private voice chats, so you may need to set up a new server for your group.


if you are already in the specified voice channel, speaking through your microphone will enable the right preview. As you speak, you can clearly see what the widget will look like.
3. Once you have found it copy the URL under Preview.


if you make any adjustments in the settings, you will need to hold the new URL so that the changes can be seen in your streaming software.

4. In OBS / XSplit / any streaming software you are using, add a new browser source. Paste the URL into the URL field and set the size to 312 in width at 600 height.

5.  Double check if it works by talking on your microphone while you are at the specified Discord voice station. If it works, you are gold!

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