Why does my foundation look Patchy How to Fix

By | February 14, 2022

Why does my foundation look Patchy How to Fix

Skin care is important but very commendable – the right makeup look. Carefully highlighted cheekbones, skillfully reached contour lines, this art. But the most important thing here – the foundation. If your foundation is flawless, your makeup will eventually start to look dull and creamy. Do we want that? Never.

A complete foundation begins with a foundation. If your foundation is not in place, it will definitely ruin your overall appearance. So we came up with our best tips that will help your foundation, your breath and your makeup, shine!

1. Get your primer

The texture of our skin on different parts of our face varies from getting wet. Unfortunately, as the foundation progresses, some of these differences are emphasized, which leads us to the primer setting area before the foundation.

Primers form a barrier between the skin and the base, softening the texture and filling large pores so that the foundation can easily slide down. In addition, to help balance the texture as well, many primers include water for dry skin.

If your skin is oily, especially near the T-zone, you can use an oil-based primer. Note, you do not need to apply the whole face with one primer. With the right primer, identify some problems and your foundation will look clean.

2. Gather baby!

Once you are done with the application, it is IMPORTANT that you have it properly assembled. Let this step take more time. Use this as your mantra for a flawless foundation.

The best way would be to use a wet beauty blender. Do not rub your foundation on your face, follow the depressing movements and press the foundation on your skin. It will take time but it will have to be shot.

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3. Is the shade suitable for your skin tone?

The wrong foundation shade will completely ruin your makeup look, because if it is too orange, it will make your skin look gray. It is also important to make sure that the foundation fits perfectly with your skin tone.

“The best way to check the base shade is natural daylight, change it from the top of your cheek to your jaw to make sure it is the perfect tone for the whole face,” said Amy Conway, BB Pro Artist at Bobbi Brown.

4. Less is more

Avoid adding too many base layers. Most of us think that applying a foundation to the face will give a better look, but this is not really the case.

“For me, the foundation should be used where it is needed. It is applied to the skin tone and applied directly to sensitive areas (redness, color, shade and blemishes) and applied to fine skin, “said Florie White, a makeup artist who worked on such celebrities as Emilia Clarke and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

5. Prepare prep prep

Prepare your skin thoroughly before applying any cosmetic product to it. Ensuring that your skin is properly nourished will help you to reach a perfect finish easily. The foundation will stick to the skin and stay on the patches when your skin is dry.

The key here is patience. “I apply any serum, lotion and eye cream before applying the foundation and let it sit for a minute – which is a great time to wash your sponge! You need to let your skincare product relax and die on the skin first. If you do not, a lot of product will create a living product, while the product will roll into smaller balls, ”said Liz.

You need to make sure you repair your skin every day. “Always clean up any leftover makeup and dirt from the previous night, moisturize it with any concerns you may have. The base blends very well into well-prepared skin. “recommends Florie.

He also adds, “If you re-apply your foundation at the end of the day, a simple spritz of moisturizing skin spray first will prepare and beautify the skin area so that the new foundation will be easily assembled; to avoid the thick, creamy base. ”

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6. Set your makeup

Florie says that “you can choose a foundation that has properties that work with your skin even though it is oily, dry, bleach and / or acne”, which means you can set your foundation properly.

“I prefer to use a paper towel to remove excess dew while avoiding adding another layer of product to your skin.” He adds.

7. Choose the right tools

“As a makeup artist I turn to sponges to erase any excess after a lot of graduation. But as a top tip, whether you choose brushes or sponges, always press your base with your fingers after application. Nothing impresses the skin more than your hands, so by gently pressing the face, this will melt the makeup on your face to make it look more natural. ” said Amy, a well-known artist.

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8. Clean your brushes

Forgetting to wash your makeup tools can cause the spread of bacteria, causing spots and blurring. After all use, both Liz and Florie recommend washing brushes and beauty sponges.

Forget special potions and cleansers, I use antibacterial cleansing lotion as it will remove oil from the base easily. Basic brushes should be used so washing these in the washing liquid is fine. In real hair brushes I treat them like hair and shampoo and condition, ”said Liz.

9. Bonus – One quick tip:

Warm tones do not usually burn, and they should opt for a low-yellow, gold-toned foundation in bronzer shades and a taupe tone. ”


1. Why does my base look like it has cakes and ponds?

One of the main reasons the foundation looks like a cake? The color is very light or very dark — so it is even more obvious that you are wearing it. To choose the perfect foundation shade, look for the one that literally disappears from your skin.

2. How do I stop my foundation from going wrong?

Do not apply primer before your foundation
And when you are dry, it will prevent your skin from almost ‘drinking’ the foundation which can make the skin look dull and uneven.

3. How do you get rid of dry, stained makeup?

Creamy concealer is one of the best ways to treat dry patches that reappear after applying the foundation. To use concealer to treat dry spots, apply it on the affected area and gently rub it with your finger to cover it. To avoid any contamination, do not use a sponge or cosmetic brush to cover the area.

4. What causes acne?

Also, most people are not as oily as they think they are, and applying a matte foundation to already dry skin is another recipe for spotted face.

5. How do I make my foundation look natural?

7 Tips for Making Your Foundation Look Perfectly Perfect

  • Prepare your skin.
  • Customize the appropriate shade.
  • Get some good light.
  • Use your fingers.
  • We spread it out with a sponge.
  • Go to concealer afterwards.
  • Put it in powder.

6. Why does my foundation always look so bad?

If your foundation splits, disappears, oxidizes, or otherwise looks like garbage just after applying, there may be another culprit: your baking powder or your primer. Or both. When I wear foundation, I usually recommend wearing it once without primer and just powder. As well as primer and no powder.

7. How does it affect the scarred foundation?

Use your makeup sponge or foundation brush to make your foundation smooth. Use gentle movements, making sure you keep things smooth as you go but do not remove all your makeup. Apply a little extra concealer under your eyes to brighten it and give the skin a refreshing look.

9. How often should I touch my makeup?

Makeup Touch-Ups. If you use your real makeup carefully, there is no reason to apply more than once a day (other than lipstick or gloss, of course). Applying it often will close your pores and give you that “makeup mask” look.

10. How do I make my foundation look smooth?

To achieve the perfect smooth look, you will want to apply your foundation and mask of your choice using a combination of cosmetics, such as the L’Oréal Paris Infallible Blend Artist Foundation Blender. Using this blender to blend everything will make it a smooth cosmetic application.

11. Why does my makeup look dull after a few hours?

Blotchy Makeup on bare face
Another reason why your makeup looks so dark is because the skin has a lot of natural oil, whether you have oily skin or not. If you use a blush without applying foundation or at least a set powder, do not expect it to last more than a few hours.

12. Why do my makeup look oily after a few hours?

No matter what your skin type is, most of the time your skin is oily after applying makeup. Oil on the skin can melt your makeup, clog pores and cause bumps on the skin. Usually, makeup oxidizes on your skin which produces oil on your skin.

13. Why is it important to repair the skin before applying makeup?

It is the same with our skin. When we exfoliate, clean, and moisturize our skin we get the right fabric for our makeup. You will see that your makeup will be smooth and your makeup will look great and shiny.

14. What comes first moisturizer or primer?

The fact is, you should always use a moisturizer before reaching the primer (seriously, always)! Moisturizer (or sunscreen) should always be the last step in your skin care program. Primer should always be the first step in your makeup process.

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